Thursday, February 4, 2010

The As-Is Section at IKEA

A couple of weeks ago we made a trip to IKEA in the middle of the week. After going through the showroom we took a bathroom break before heading downstairs to continue through the “area where you pick up stuff you don't need”. While in the bathroom I was able to hear the announcements over the intercom system (which you can not hear out in the store). “An additional 10% off in the As-Is section every Wednesday”, was what I heard, sold! I looooovvve a bargain, and a discount off of a bargain?, I'm there. So we stopped by the As-Is section and picked up a couple of odds and ends and were overall pretty impressed with the selection.

Ok, so fast forward to this week. We decide, “what the heck, lets go back to wacky Wednesdays”. A while back our friend Betsy got a range hood for her kitchen so we figured we might find something for our kitchen. We walked in and right there in front of us was the only IKEA appliance we had been interested in....this oven. We both stood there looking one way and then the other trying to figure out if someone had already claimed this item (it was on a cart already). We each inched in a slowly and claimed item. Price? $496...over 50% off! I love the as-is section. Ok, yes, it does have a broken knob...P says that can be fixed. I hope so! If not, we have 10 days to return. We spent the remaining hour digging through things and trying to decide whether or not to buy this bathroom sink. We decided against the sink (not a big enough discount). So, we were about to walk to the checkout and the “as-is guy” rolls this sofa out onto the sales floor. It was leather, the frame needed repair, it was 50$. 50$!!! So, we stand there debating about it. Do we need another sofa, not really. So we went to the checkout. As we are standing in the checkout I really want to go back for the sofa. P said we should wait and think about it, but the look on his face read “I want that sofa really bad”. So I stepped up and ran back and snagged that sofa. All during this whole ordeal there was a man with his family that would look at each thing that we would pick up like “oh man, why didn't I see that?”. He even offered to purchase it from us....for the same price we paid. Yeah, right. Anyway, so we walked out with an oven, leather sofa, two metal tracks that will be used for something TBD and some kitchen organizers....all for 540$. Awesome. Now just pray we can fix that knob.

After checking out we went to the car and quickly realized that the oven was not going to slide into the trunk. I know, I know, why would we even consider that it would? Well this is actually the first time we haven't been able to squeeze something into the Jetta, and that includes multiple pieces of furniture. So we decide that I will drive back and get a Ziptruck while P waits with the merchandise (what a trooper). I go and pick up the truck and on the way back I get a call from P asking if there are back seats in the truck. There were...why did he ask? Because we needed to give some people a ride back to Boston. Apparently four people had come together and split up in the store, and when they came together they had four carts full of furniture. Ooops. They were German and had all just started working here and had to furnish their apartment. After our first IKEA trip in 2008 I totally understood and felt so bad for them. So they came with. We finally made it back to Boston, wished the girls good luck on assembling all of their new furniture and went home...5 hours later.

Quite. The. Adventure.