Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Thanks to help from Rousey we got things moving quick with demo! P was out of town so us girls went crazy tearing stuff up. We were able to get the paneling and the ceiling taken down in the living room. Once P got back we were able to get all of the plaster off of the two interior walls. Our plans are to take the wall between the kitchen and living room down and to create some sort of open structural shelving where the wall dividing the hall and living room used to be.
Things we have found in the walls so far include...
a doorway
a hobbit door
a newspaper from the 1920s
a newspaper from the 1960s
an old yard stick
I am keeping all of them.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Just a little bit of history...


We closed on the house today! After some serious digging and checking a couple of key packed key chains our one little key was slid across the table. Do you really think that is the only key to the whole house?...I do not. I think I will change the locks. So, before we closed on the house we went by and did a walk through to make sure everything was out. It was. P said it looked much more daunting empty...I don't think I agree. To me it is the same, just less messy. Anyway, so we met the seller finally...his name is Bill, so now I can stop calling him the "old man". He was pretty awesome and loved telling stories about anything and everything...really a true Southie character. Among the conversation Bill turned to his friends and said "so, I guess I shouldn't tell them about Whitey". Ok, so of course then I wanted to know. Everyone laughed and I said "what?". They said "Whitey Bulger". Blank stare. Bill was kind enough to proceed..."After my brother was killed in a car accident Whitey Bulger drove over to this house and pulled out a plain white envelope full of money and handed it to my mother". Everyone laughed and said things like "wow" and "that is so crazy"....everyone except P and I....blank stares. So finally amidst the laughing I step up, "I don't know who Whitey Bulger is". I was told to look him up. Google him.

Ok, so now I know. Whitey Bulger was/is an Irish mobster that is currently on the FBI's top ten most wanted list....right under Bin Laden....and he has been in my cute little house. Awesome.

Friday, November 13, 2009

It's Official...Almost.

We have been approved. Finally. So this is it. After what feels like forever (I know, some people go through much worse and wait much longer) we have finally found a place.


just a few of the attempts along the way. Everything from a 700 sf workers housing to a 2500 sf two family home.

Closing is set for the 19th. Now if that sweet little old man will just move his many many belongings out then we can move ours in.

can. not. wait!