Friday, May 13, 2011

Mirror, mirror on the wall: aka Half-bath Mirror.

I really hope the fact that I'm just getting around to hanging this mirror isn't any indication for neglect of what might be found at Brimfield 2011.1.
That sucker is pretty old and heavy, and I didn't trust those old wood pieces holding the mirror into it's frame. So I bought some of these metal thingys that you push into the wood to hold the mirror in. They have a real name and are not called thingys, but I don't remember it right now. I found them at the HD along with the picture hanging kit I installed on the back of the frame.

After cleaning off the back and making all my little hardware modifications I flipped it over and polished the crap out of the frame with Howard Feed-N-Wax, which is awesome.

Then we hung it. Ta-da! Ok, you can't really tell. But it's clean, and shiny, and I think it's kind of the perfect size for the mini bathroom. Oh, and we hung up a towel hook. So now we are civilized. No more paper towel roll and Ikea mirror propped up on top of the sink.

Like that lopsided pic? P's got mad picture taking skillz.

Now we just need to find a tp holder that we both like that doesn't cost $300 or $30 for shipping from Europe.

I like to kill trees.

Almost one year ago I ripped up the nasty gross linoleum downstairs. Luckily, only the area next to the front door was left with yucky paper underlayment (well, and the addition, but that's another story). Embarrassingly, I only recently dealt with getting rid of that underlayment. Is underlayment a word? Cause it's showing up as misspelled. Whatever.
Anyway, so this is what it looked like. Yuck.

Well, as part of "operation floor" (more on that later), I took care of it. After some googling I determined that the way to rid our floor of this paper was simply to make it wet. Like super wet. Like soak it in water. I decided the easiest way to do this would be to use my best friend paper towels. Cause I like to kill trees. Kidding.
And it worked! (ps. Is googling also not a word? It should be.)

After soaking an area with a wet paper towel for a couple of hours the paper came up like butta'. Yep, I just said that. Then a quick wipe down with goof off and a soapy water rinse and like magic you can see the wood again.

Yay! Now I just have to do the addition. Booooo.

Stay tuned for a hopeful update on patching in those holes in the floor so it can be refinished!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Speaking of Buying Things...

Will someone buy me this very cute house?

Hello. It has a barn too. With a living quarters above.

It just so happens that it is located down the road from my most favorite three times a year flea market. I could promise you free lodging for the event. And a swim with Porkchop in the pond across the street? No? Please?

Probably should start buying lotto tickets.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Progress in Retail Form?

Hm. Well. I was going to try and post some actual house photos...but my computer has decided that it doesn't recognize my camera as a legitimate plan B.

Some things we've bought recently.

This ceiling fan...

I'm hoping that the combination of this fan and opening the windows will keep us cool all the way through the summer. This model was not my first choice, but because of it's ceiling hugging dimension it made it to the top of the list.

This storage shelf...

We ordered one of these storage shelves from CB2 to see if a couple of them might be right for bathroom storage. It should arrive just as we finish up the bathroom tile (still not finished with the tile, i know, know. don't even ask how long it's been since we moved in).

This floor paint...

Floor paint? What? Yes. We've decided that instead of ripping up the wood flooring in the addition that is in not so good condition, that we will just paint it. A couple of months ago our neighborhood hardware store was offering a deal on Groupon. So I bought five Groupons in hopes that they would come in use during this renovation. Since the hardware store carries Benjamin Moore paint, and the Groupons expire soon, we've decided to put them towards paint purchases. What does that mean? Paint colors! Yay. I'm actually really scared to make color decisions, which is why we've only gotten the floor's white. Like here and here.
Side note: did you know that Ben Moore Natura paint is 50 bucks a gallon? damn.

Anyway, there's a lot more going on. My sore back can vouch. It's all moving very slow, but it's happening. I'll share more when I rescue the pics from my camera.

Ohhhhhh. And guess what this week is?!? Brimfield Antiques Market 2011 (number 1 of 3)!!!!!!! So. Freaking. Excited. We are going to head out on Sunday to try and pick up some of those "we don't want to load it back on the truck" deals. Keep your fingers crossed for us!!!