Friday, June 4, 2010

Projects and Puppies!

Over the past week:

We decided it was time to tear up some linoleum after getting the asbestos test back negative (yay!).

So I put on my sweet knee pads and tore some shit up.

Then P tore some shit up, he was too cool for knee pads so I stole his (they were better).

Ok, I promise we have done more than this...but not much. Ripping up will resume tomorrow. Ugh.

I decided for some reason it was time to strip the mini door that leads down to the basement. Over the years it has been blessed with I don't know how many layers of paint and one layer of super awesome wall paper.

I am thinking one more coat of stripper and some more elbow grease and we might actually get down to the wood (you can see it peeking through in some spots!).

And of course, lots of puppy lounging! So cute.

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