Wednesday, June 30, 2010

And We're Back!

This is where I've been for the past two weeks. Ok, so maybe we got back to Boston last Saturday. For seven wonderful days (minus a few that I had to go back to the city and work, boooo) we staying in this cute little cottage steps from the beach, and it can all be yours for a modest $485,000. It was great. The cape is everything every local tells you it will be, cute, quiet, peaceful, expensive. Haha, ok, I added that last part. It was a trip full of family (mine and others), seeing new places, eating good food, and driving all over the state...literally. I am so glad my mom was able to come up here for such a long stay, I wish our families lived 30 minutes away instead of 1200 miles away. But no matter how much I tried convincing my mom this would be a great just didn't work. It was a great 10 days, sadly ending with mom coming down with the ick and spending her whole birthday laying in a Courtyard Marriott bed. Booooo. I can only hope that the next visit will be much more fun for her and will also include more hanging out at the Dog House...possibly with a kitchen to make yum yums in?!? Fingers crossed!
ps. Sorry for the lack of pictures...I managed to leave my camera in the car on every outing...major fail. I hereby vow to get better about this. For now, please enjoy these lovely pictures borrowed from the real estate listing of our vacation spot.
pps. Time to get back to some serious work on the Dog House!


  1. oooh Keely, we've missed you. Looks like it was a much needed break! Can't wait to see more progress on the house!

  2. ugh - I wanted it to use my name, not my blog... I'm still learning all this stuff...