Friday, May 13, 2011

I like to kill trees.

Almost one year ago I ripped up the nasty gross linoleum downstairs. Luckily, only the area next to the front door was left with yucky paper underlayment (well, and the addition, but that's another story). Embarrassingly, I only recently dealt with getting rid of that underlayment. Is underlayment a word? Cause it's showing up as misspelled. Whatever.
Anyway, so this is what it looked like. Yuck.

Well, as part of "operation floor" (more on that later), I took care of it. After some googling I determined that the way to rid our floor of this paper was simply to make it wet. Like super wet. Like soak it in water. I decided the easiest way to do this would be to use my best friend paper towels. Cause I like to kill trees. Kidding.
And it worked! (ps. Is googling also not a word? It should be.)

After soaking an area with a wet paper towel for a couple of hours the paper came up like butta'. Yep, I just said that. Then a quick wipe down with goof off and a soapy water rinse and like magic you can see the wood again.

Yay! Now I just have to do the addition. Booooo.

Stay tuned for a hopeful update on patching in those holes in the floor so it can be refinished!

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