Thursday, November 19, 2009

Just a little bit of history...


We closed on the house today! After some serious digging and checking a couple of key packed key chains our one little key was slid across the table. Do you really think that is the only key to the whole house?...I do not. I think I will change the locks. So, before we closed on the house we went by and did a walk through to make sure everything was out. It was. P said it looked much more daunting empty...I don't think I agree. To me it is the same, just less messy. Anyway, so we met the seller finally...his name is Bill, so now I can stop calling him the "old man". He was pretty awesome and loved telling stories about anything and everything...really a true Southie character. Among the conversation Bill turned to his friends and said "so, I guess I shouldn't tell them about Whitey". Ok, so of course then I wanted to know. Everyone laughed and I said "what?". They said "Whitey Bulger". Blank stare. Bill was kind enough to proceed..."After my brother was killed in a car accident Whitey Bulger drove over to this house and pulled out a plain white envelope full of money and handed it to my mother". Everyone laughed and said things like "wow" and "that is so crazy"....everyone except P and I....blank stares. So finally amidst the laughing I step up, "I don't know who Whitey Bulger is". I was told to look him up. Google him.

Ok, so now I know. Whitey Bulger was/is an Irish mobster that is currently on the FBI's top ten most wanted list....right under Bin Laden....and he has been in my cute little house. Awesome.

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