Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Eames. Fire Bucket. Back Yard.

Check out the new back yard! Ok, so, it's just temporary, but it is bearable. We tore down the gross patched together "deck" and put in new stairs. We covered the sweet dirt yard with pea gravel and pavers for better grilling and less dirty puppy feet.

Sitting in the middle of the yard is our most awesome recent Craigslist find. Eames office chairs! Ok, I know there is just one in the picture, the other one is in the house! They need a little bit of repair, but are going to look so great in our upstairs office one day when it is finished.

Our other super cool Craigslist find can be seen on the right side of the pic. What is that? A planter?'s a "fire bucket". Yeah, I know, "those aren't allowed in the city". Especially after that super intelligent person sprayed lighter fluid into one in the South End and caught a small child on fire. How that kind of person gets to live in the South End and not me...I just don't know. bucket. Supposedly if the pit is for cooking, then it is somehow ok. So you can also call this our smores pit! I am not sure yet how we will set it up or when we will use it, but I can not wait.

Oh, and can you see my flowers in the background. Aren't they pretty? Yeah, I think so too.

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