Thursday, October 18, 2012

Countertop Installation

The big day finally arrived!  Our shiny new countertops are officially installed.  The day actually arrived almost one month ago now, but because we ran off and got hitched I'm just now getting around to sharing!  P was nice enough to let me fly off to Birmingham for prewedding preparations while he stuck around supervising the install.
 It seemed like a pretty easy process.  At least from my point of view.  :)  We were lucky and the stone arrived with no mistakes and no cracking occurred on the install.  I was a little worried after hearing so many horror stories about slabs showing up with huge rounded corners when the clients specifically asked for the tightest radius possible.  And slabs breaking during the install causing clients to start the whole slab selection process over.  Considering it took us about 9 months to get the installation done after selecting the slab I think starting over would have been especially painful.
 The final product!  I love them.  P still puts a napkin under anything he sets down on the counter because he "doesn't want anything dripping on it and messing it up".  So it will be fun to see how it goes once we really start using them.
Both the plumbers and the electrician are in the house this week getting everything hooked up.  I think the promise of pumpkin bread made P want to get everything up and running as quickly as possible as soon as we got back to Boston.  I'm probably even more excited than he is!  And.  A dishwasher.  I can't even tell you how excited I am about that.  More pictures to come!


  1. Glad to see your countertop install went off without a hitch! I guess we were lucky that we had chosen a standard countertop material, so the rounded corners were "easily" fixed! I think I would've cried if they had done that to a slab I had picked out after much deliberation!!!

    So great to see you and P at your wedding. You were a stunning bride :)

  2. Yay! Love the countertops! So excited to hear there were no mess ups too.

    I second Jennifer's comment. Gorgeous bride! Kurt and I had such a blast at your wedding!!!

  3. Whoop whoop kitchen looking mighty fine!

  4. The countertops look great in the photos. No doubt they look even better in person. I like them a lot. Love from Papa