Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Before Christmas, it looked a little something like this...

So after plane delays, water leaks and a general lack of motivation, both families arrived and with the help of my parents and P's dad we were finally able to get the downstairs clean...well, clean enough to have Christmas. We ended up paying a demo crew to come and haul away the remaining debris...yes! more debris! I mean, this is not a big house people, and only from the first floor! Man. Anyway...once clean the Christmas miracle occured. I called my mom (who was out picking up folding chairs so people could sit somewhere, she is awesome) and I said "ok, it is clean, now go find a Christmas tree". This was at 4:00pm on Christmas eve. After much searching she managed to find an abandoned Christmas tree stand with 5 abandoned tree? yes please! They triumphantly carried the tree in only for me to tree stand. So I send my dad and uncle out to find one, yeah right, on Christmas eve, I don't think so. So they tried and of course they were all sold out. Here is where the magic really begins...I was carrying stuff down to the basement and stopped for a second while I was down there, probably because I was exhausted, I don't know. I was staring at this weird block thing sitting on the floor in front of me and wondering "what is that?", when it hit me. Omg, that is a Christmas tree stand. Just a little block of cast iron with a hole for a trunk and your typical two screws to tighten on either side. Crazy old Bill left us a Chrismas tree stand...amazing.

After dinner P's wonderful sister helped us (me) decorate and added a super amazing preschool teacher/elf touch by making cutout snowfakes and hanging them throughout the house. I haven't taken them down yet. They are awesome.

The rest of the holiday was much more relaxing, very enjoyable and not at all what I was expecting. It was crazy, in a good way. Everyone will no doubt remember it...that's for sure.
Post holiday there has been much more talking about our plans for this place, which I will update you on later!

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