Thursday, October 14, 2010

More Demo...of which I did not participate.

Ok, I participated a little. Only enough to get the paneling down and get these "before" shots. Although, now I am realizing that I don't have any actual before pics. I will try to post some later...actual before pics...taken back in November.
So clearly there are some past and present roof issues. Too bad, because I sure would like to keep this wallpaper hanging in the hallway. Ha.

Front room that used to be my closet...complete with new toilet just hanging out waiting to be installed.

Tape does not make for a good plaster repair job friends.

Neither does brick patterned contact paper.

Now, a "Recycle Kisses!" sticker on the other hand...awesome.

This is the part of the story where the scene ends and we have intermission, because after I took the pictures above I did not touch that room. Instead P's dad and bro tore. it. up. Have I mentioned how grateful I am?

After some back breaking cleanout it now looks like this.

And the bathroom looks like this!

Dumpster leaves in the next couple of days. So we have got to wrap. this. up. Back bedroom pics to come!

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