Friday, October 29, 2010

The Great Coffee Maker Debate.

Ok, so maybe it's not really a debate...only inside my head. We need a coffee maker. We drink coffee every morning. Even with the awesome $1 deal (if you bring your own cup) at the cafe downstairs...that's at least $60 a month...if we don't go back down for more in the afternoon, which, let's be honest, we do. So, coffee maker. Now, because I am my father's daughter I have been periodically perusing the Costco website trying to decide whether I want to become a member. About a month ago I found a coffee maker that I wanted on this website. Grind and brew, great reviews, sold. So I figured, instead of being hasty about opening a membership I would wait until my Dad arrived and we could go to the store. Great plan? Not so much. Upon their arrival we checked the website and the coffee maker was gone. GONE! Ugh. Well, maybe it will be in the store. Nope. Wasn't in the store. It was a sad day. So then I thought, maybe if I wait long enough it will come back on the website. Well, after two weeks of waiting, it hasn't come back to Costco and I have finally come to the realization that waiting is stupid when you can get the same thing on Amazon (for a slighly elevated price). Ok, so the point of rambling about my personal craziness is that now that I am ready to purchase said coffee maker, Amazon has opened up another door. A newer (better looking) model. For a slightly higher price, of course.

Ok, so this is the original one I wanted. Great reviews. Not a bad price for how amazing it makes coffee (supposedly). But here is what now slightly bothers me now that I have seen the new version: the size. They are the same height, but this one is listed as 16"hX12"lX11"d. Doesn't that seem excessively large? The one below is the newer model and is listed as 15"hX9.5"lX9.5"d. Maybe I am being crazy. Maybe that's not a big difference, or maybe it is when you have(one day will have) a kitchen the size of a postage stamp. And don't you just think it's prettier?


Too bad I didn't make this decision a week ago when my parents told me to "ORDER ONE OFF AMAZON ALREADY!", guess we will have to drag our guests for Halloween extravaganza 2010 to the coffee shop in the mornings. Sorry guys! Oh well.

Happy Halloween!!!


  1. Way prettier. More buttons, but still small is good.

  2. Yeah. Prettier and smaller...just more expensive. ugh.

  3. Have you seen the one at Sam's that makes individual cups at a time so that you and P can have different flavors each time?

  4. I have! Those are neat, our office actually tried one for a while. The cute little packets do seem a little wasteful though.