Thursday, January 20, 2011

Goodbye Chimney #2.

One night a couple of weeks ago, much to our plumber's dismay, I took the second chimney down. You see, he conveniently forgot our little conversation about how we would like to direct vent the boiler rather than it running up a useless crumbling chimney through our house. He is now convinced that we are evil people who "change things all the time"...but that's another story.
Anyway, back to the chimney. After over a year I've discovered that this is the area in which I excel. Destroying things. The rebuilding process has often left me confused or frustrated (aka: whimpering and whining about why that piece of wood is not the length I cut it, or sniffling about the water that won't stop dribbling through my roof). But taking things down...mindless, easy, sometimes even relaxing.
Of course I probably only say this about the chimney because, well, it was super easy to take down. Something about the combination of old old old bricks and water getting into the chimney over time made them come down like unstacking legos. Well, I did have to tap each brick like once or twice and then remove it...but that sure beats having to use a chisel, which is what my research led me to believe I would have to do. But I didn't, so ha.

As usual I stirred up an amazing dust cloud before remembering to take the first picture.
This is upstairs as the removal is just starting.

Upstairs chimney removal complete.

Downstairs before removal.

Starting to take it down.

Getting closer.

What happened next, I can only guess is that I collapsed in a heap and passed out after forgetting to take an after shot. Oh, and do you like our collection of PVC? Apparently, upon delivery of the PVC the plumber is then granted a two week break before any actual work begins. Hmmm, two sarcastic, scathing comments about the plumber in one post? Might be a sign of stories to come.

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