Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A New Entry!

It just feels like there is never enough time in the weekend. Lately I have been waking up Saturday morning super pumped to accomplish everything on my long "to do list" only to burn out by three o'clock in the afternoon. This past weekend was no exception, but I do feel like we got a lot accomplished considering! That being said, I would like to reveal our new front doors!!!

We are so excited about these! P even said it is his favorite house purchase yet...and that is saying A LOT considering how excited he got about the $50 IKEA couch. So these doors need to be refinished, but were in so much better shape than the ones I posted about before we went to Nor'east Architectural Salvage. When we got there we realized that the other doors had about 8 (million) layers of paint on one side and some pretty serious cracking. These pretty little gems were sitting about 5 feet away just waiting to be discovered (and were priced cheaper too!). They are a little shorter than the other ones, which I think will be better for the scale of the house. We are now considering putting a transom over the door. It would allow even more light in (yay!) and there was one there originally and has since been covered by wood, paint, paneling, etc. Bring the entry back to it's former glory? Yes please! So our plans for this little beauty are: sand, refinish, cut out the top wood light to create one large glass light in each door, replace glass with new tempered glass, restore/replace hardware. Done.

Post about our Sunday adventure coming soon!

ps. Don't mind the nasty torn up linolum flooring...it will soon be gone.


  1. LOVE the new doors! and the letter slot from the previous post. you will just have to deal with you mail on the floor - which was a little too tempting for Gracie at times... I can't wait to see the finished product!

  2. thanks! i know, we are still trying to decide on the letter slot. doggies are such a challenge. :)