Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Which one do I choose?

So, it's Tuesday night, which means I am starting to get excited about this weekend! It seems like this is the first weekend of what I will refer to as "fun season" in Boston. Festivals, flea markets, brunch on the outdoor patio. Fun stuff. The thing that I am excited about is the first Brimfield Antique Show of the year. I have heard all about this massive "flea market" week that occurs three times each year in Brimfield, MA, but have yet to go. It is supposed to be a great place to find mid-century furniture for semi-reasonable prices (maybe even better). That being said, I really want to go! Should I go? Probably not. What should I do? Probably stay at home and rip up not one, but two layers of really old and creepy linoleum on the main floor of my house (which, by the way, we found out is asbestos free! yay!). What to do?

I'm torn.

ps. I know there are at least two people that read my blog (hey mom!), input to my silly little dilemma would be greatly appreciated!


  1. FLEA MARKET for sure!!!!!!!!

  2. Well, I just read this post but I hope you went to the flea market instead of ripping up linoleum. From the next post it looks like you might have :)

  3. Ha ha, I did! Flea markets are so so so much more fun than ripping up linoleum. Yuck.