Thursday, December 16, 2010

Laundry Dilemma Brings...More Demo...

What do you do when you score an awesome front loading washer and dryer set for a great deal because a friend hooked you up with an appliance discount website and when it finally is time to plumb them in you find out that they actually won't physically fit down the basement stairs? Hmmm? What? You put them in the addition. You know, the addition off the back of the house that was going to be redone at a later date? The one where you were going to install a door at the threshold so that you could close it and not think about how yucky it is? That's the one.

Since I already mentioned it's general yuckiness it was quickly decided that we would just add this very small room to our list of places to drywall so all that blue goodness had to come down. (don't worry, it wasn't that dirty when we actually lived in the house)

Three! layers of linoleum.

This is what we found behind the old kitchen sink. That's beadboard painted two, maybe three different colors and some sort of plastic tile that I refused to touch.

More multi-colored beadboard and the walls start coming down.

I won't bore you with step by step demo pics of this tiny room...but when it came time to take the ceiling down I unleashed P on it with the floor scraper. Pulled the whole thing down at once. Amazing.

I managed to capture this action shot amidst all the dust...not that you can actually see what's happening, but it was pretty impressive.

Luckily there is a pretty easy to access crawl space underneath so we can reinforce the joists to get rid of the "trampoline effect" the room currently has. I have only been brave enough to crawl inside once...the spiders in there look like prehistoric creatures, very scary.

So, we have now managed to tear every little room in this poor house apart. We are hoping to stack the washer where the kitchen sink used to be and enclose them somehow. This will leave us with enough room for a small kitchen table or seating area at the end of the space...and that hopefully the addition of a skylight and a sliding patio door will make it a space you actually want to sit in!

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