Thursday, December 9, 2010

Well Hello There.

So I guess I took a little accidental break from blogging? I won't bore you with any excuses like Thanksgiving, or changing jobs (not me) or the fact that I've actually had some progress pictures to share for the past week, but I can not seem to find my camera cord. You know, the one that connects to the computer at work to upload photos because you can't do it at home because you don't have the internet at home? The one that is, of course, different from the other hundreds of camera cords in my possession or anything that I can find at work? Yeah, I can't find that camera cord. Nope, no excuses. Anyway, in the meantime I will share what we have been up to in the past month (can't believe it's been that long) around here with my lovely writing skills. In bullet form.

-Drank a lot of coffee
-Went to see Harry Potter...maybe more than once (me, gonna take some flak for that one)
-Visited Georgia (me) and Alabama (P) for Thanksgiving
-Watched Auburn pull out a victory over our arch-nemesis
-Did some more framing
-Consulted our structural engineer about the permit implications of removing part of another load bearing wall (this time upstairs)
-Realized that our washer and dryer would physically not fit into the basement
-Made new plans to install them in the addition (this would be location #4 for the washer/dryer, if anyone is counting)
-Visited Martha's Vineyard for a day (P)
-Signed an affidavit saying that we are not loud, terrible, horrible people, so that our landlord could take it to his court date (looooong story)
-Christmas shopped (me) Online only though, I don't like crowds.
-Got another official stamped drawing from the structural engineer so that an amendment to our permit can be filed
-Hired our contractor to come back in and install more LVLs upstairs
-Decided that framing is over rated and got the contractor to finish up the last wall for us (bums)
-Watched the Tigers scoop up an SEC championship. I actually felt a little bad for those Roosters...or whatever they are called.
-Tried not to freeze while working in our house without heating.
-Plugged in my brand new shop light and then jumped out of my skin five minutes later when it exploded.
-Demoed the addition so that plumbing could be run for the washer dryer (and because it was nasty), because, you know, I'm not tired of demo yet

There was more in there of course. I think I hit most of the will follow for the house stuff. Right when I find that damn camera cable. Maybe Santa should an an extra one of those little guys in my stocking.

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