Friday, November 12, 2010

Coffee love.

Ummm, if anyone still reads this blog, We're alive. Boring, but alive. We did get a very exciting shipment of plumbing goodies mentioned here and I'm happy to report that nothing was left out of the shipment or damaged (they really harped on triple checking the shipment, so I was scared this might be a common occurrence). Unfortunately, the Cifial faucet for the downstairs that is also featured front and center on the last post will be taking a ride back to Sad. I love it. But, thankfully, P suggested we look at it with the sink we will be using's just not right. The poor little faucet gets engulfed by this guy. Seriously. It looked like a fly on a know, small. I cried a little and then said my goodbyes and packed him back up. The faucet hunt continues...but, no worries all the other faucets get to stay, which means, showers and hand washing are covered! What isn't covered? Well, the actual plumbing. Details details.

Well, guess what else came in the mail this week?! The new coffee maker! We went with the newer, smaller, sleeker model, and I love love love. Day two of bringing coffee to work and did I mention I love? Well, I do.

And just in case you were wondering (cause I am sure you were) this is my new best friend that will keep my coffee hot for up to 24 hours. For those of us who are finicky about what time they wish to consume said coffee this is a little miracle.


Hopefully I will have more house progress to share on Monday. I hope I hope. Since that's what this blog is actually supposed to be about.

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