Monday, September 27, 2010

On the Roof

We spent a rather icky Sunday on the roof and (hopefully) managed to properly seal the holes above the old drop pipe and where one of the chimneys used to be. I forgot to get pictures before we removed the remaining chimney above the roof level! Sorry! A little information: it was not capped (open to the sky) so it was raining down the chimney. Some of the bricks were completely turned to dust, which explains why we were seeing water damage in the celing around the area. Basically once I finally got the nerve to get up there my decision to remove the chimney was confirmed. It is in bad shape. Our contractor told us how to patch the areas up and said they should be fine until next year when we plan on re-roofing. I hope he is right.
This is the view of an old school (soon to be new condos) from our roof. I took more pictures, but because of the crummy weather they all looked pretty depressing. I will try to get new pics on a prettier day to share.

We took the chimney down as far as we could reach and will remove the rest from below. Cross your fingers for us that the joist and sill are not too damaged.

We pulled off as much of the lead flashing and roofing goo and made the opening as level as possible.

The weapons.

DIY amateur method: goop as much roofing adhesive onto the surrounding area as you feel necessary, spread "flashmaster" on the wood, then put the wood over the hole (flashmaster side down).

Our contractor nicely brought us a piece of ice and water to use. We decided to use it on the chimney since the drop pipe cover will still need to be cut for the new pipe (and then properly flashed).

Then We flashmastered the edges. I had a lot of fun with that was like icing a cake, without the tasty aftermath.

I obviously didn't feel like taking any step by steps of the drop pipe cover action. Maybe because it was drizzle raining off and on by that point? Maybe because I had to send P back to the HD for more flashmaster? Maybe because I had managed to flashmaster my glove to the the trowel? Oh well, here's the finished product.

Here's hoping it holds for the snowy season.

ps. Make all attempts not to get flashmaster on your skin. That stuff is hard to get off! I may or may not have just found another small black spot on my forearm.

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