Monday, September 20, 2010

September 2010 Brimfield: What We Brought Home

As promised, photos of some of the (awesome) junk yours truly picked up at the final Brimfield Antique Market of the year. Most of the stuff we grabbed is meant for various projects to be completed in the future...except for that duck. Isn't he great? Solid wood and "hand carved", supposedly. Yesterday P took off his scarf (aka price tag) and said "his head is broken and has been glued back on!". Maybe that is the way it is supposed to be? Oh well, I still love him. In case you can't tell I am super into animal "things" for the house. Poor P. If he has to endure one more mention of me finding "the perfect horse shoe" to hang in our house I think he might run away.
Anyway, the chair below is a mid-century Kroehler. Heard of it? Me either. It is obviously in pretty rough shape and needs some love...but for 20 bucks I couldn't leave it behind. Here's hoping it will be a good candidate for my new adventures in learning the fine art of upholstery. (More on that later, much later)

Like I said...most of the stuff will hopefully turn into projects that I hope we can share with you later! Except for the duck...oh, and the moose hooks. Yes, I said moose hooks. Amazing.

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