Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Brimfield 2010 Round 2

We decided that we did not want to miss out on the last Brimfield Antique Fair of the year, so we headed west on Saturday and I am so glad that we did. The fair covers acres and acres of land and features dealers from all over the country. The May show was my first experience here and this time around was just as great, if not better! I didn't forget my camera this time so that I could share some of the good, bad and just plain weird from the show.

Rousey, we thought this would be the perfect addition to your new apartment. :)

This booth had tons of bobbins, yarn, cast iron items and chocolate molds. We scored a handful of items that I have some great ideas for.

We loved this Turkish hand woven rug from the 1930s (the one on the left). It had great neutral colors and an awesome texture.

Just some of your typical shoppers. The fields stretch down this road on both sides for miles.

The vendors do a great job at keeping up with the trends. These carts have been all over the interior design world lately. I don't remember seeing any at the May show, but this time we saw dozens.

This woman's booth featured mostly scavenged items from restaurants...chairs, tables, glassware and this awesome sign.

Junk food galore.

Great alternative to the traditional Halloween jack-o-lantern.

This was by far the most random booth that I noticed. It included a variety of lawn art, a snow mobile, furniture, some kind of large reference books and more. That guy in the yellow shirt was seriously contemplating purchasing Marilyn.

And now for the really really really really weird. These two lovely ladies were found in two totally different locations...very far from each other. Is this a new trend I missed out on? Costume display on slutty mannequins? Yikes.

More later on what we brought home from Brimfield!

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