Monday, September 20, 2010

We've Moved!

Well, sort of. Maybe I should say "We're moving"...on the house that is. Yes, it is true work, real work, has begun on our little dog house. We toted many of our belongings across the Charles River on Friday to our temporary living quarters (which I love), while our one and only bathroom was simultaneously being ripped to shreds. Exciting stuff, and scary. We have officially passed the point of no return. There is no screaming "stop!" and just moving right back in. The plumbing is being torn out as I type this. The plumbing had to go quickly to make room for the LVLs that are going to be installed throughout the first floor, which will allow for the two interior walls to be removed. Yay! I am told there was a delivery today and our future kitchen/living room is filled with engineered lumber. Things are happening makes my head spin. Can't wait to get home tonight and see the progress!

Juan of Timberwolf Construction is starting in the basement and working his way up. First, he will replace the wood column and jack column you see below. Don't you love how he tented the area to contain the concrete dust? So great.

Proof that the contractors have arrived.

We had to open up the walls around the plumbing so that it could go bye bye. Bye bye nasty plumbing! P pointed out that it looks like the bathroom in a nasty dive bar...I can imagine that many of the bars around our house have bathrooms that look similar to this. Pretty gross looking, right?

Heading home after work to continue demo. Will hopefully be sharing rapid progress soon!