Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Flooring Update.

The last coat of poly was put on the floors today. In a mere 48 hours our living room furniture will be set up! Exciting stuff. We decided to go with a pickling stain to keep everything nice white and bright. After the initial meeting with the flooring guy, Jim, we weren't sure if the floor color would even out after sanding because of what he said was water damage in the past...but it did. So the pickling was officially a go.
These are some before pictures of the floor. We thought the original floors were pine, but Jim told us they were vertical grain fir.
P patched in the areas where walls and chimneys used to be with cherry and birch. The dark stripes on the floor are the areas that Jim said was water damage from the past.
Busy enjoyed those dirty old floors.
And here is the after. Now we just have to paint those stairs!
It definitely did not get quite as white as we were expecting, but we like the light but warm and clean look.
P analyzing. I love the variation and imperfections that show up in the old wood. Now if I can just walk on it without looking down to see if I messed anything up.

There are a couple of spots that I think we are going to get Jim to come and buff out, but overall I am loving it!


  1. Woo hoo! I love it! You've been a rockstar blogger lately! I hear there is a Halloween party in the works....:)

  2. LOVE these floors. Looking great around there!

  3. KEELY! the floors look AMAZING! y'all are doing such a great job. keep it up - and keep telling us about it :)

  4. Thanks guys!! And yes, hoping to have it together by Halloween. Eeeek!