Friday, August 12, 2011

Ramblings: Dresser Edition

Hey, I'm getting pretty good at this posting once a month thing. Ha. Ok, so I'm way behind, but here we go. I had been whining to P about how I needed more storage. Now. No, I can't wait until we one day install a closet. Now. And then I found this little IKEA hack. Because of this little IKEA hack. And I was all...well, now I wanna do that too. But P wasn't buying it. So instead I hunted around for two small matching vintage dressers to paint a fun color. Maybe something like this...

Image from Little Green Notebook
But I couldn't find anything that we both liked and that was within our budget. So I got impatient and grumpy (two of my best features) and I mentioned this again. And again, and again, you get the point. I wore P down until he gave in. Nice, right? I'm a lovely person.
So after he gave in, we picked up two of these little beauties. You may remember this picture from my last post...ONE MONTH AGO. Anyway.

So I pretty much followed the directions on Kate and Lindsay's posts and this is what I came up with...

I used Minwax dark walnut stain, which went way darker than it looks on the can. I may have had a mini freakout causing a session of trying to strip the stain from one. I do not recommend this. It not only did not work, but it kind of blurred one of the dressers if that makes sense. But after a couple of months living with them I'm kind of liking the dark now. So all is well. Oh, and we went with simple brass knobs from the HD for a more simple look. They really are great little dressers for by the bed for keeping your books, magazines, candy, whatever you keep by the bed...I don't know your life. Look at that sad little orchid. Pathetic.

Soooo, fast forward a month. one day my neighbor puts this massive solid wood dresser on the sidewalk. The hoarder in me immediately thinks, hmmm, I wonder if he's throwing that away. Imagine my delight when P mentions the dresser. I'm all "oh, you noticed the dresser too, does that mean I can have it?!". My mind works weird ways like that. Luckily he didn't hate the dresser and said to see if it got moved to the curb the next morning for trash day. So the next morning I trotted to the window and peered out. Hm. It was still pushed up against his house. Weird. The garbage men came, then left without the dresser. The recycling man came and took the metal knobs...but left the dresser! What was going on here? Ok, so I force myself to get dressed and go to work and we bump into neighbor man (dresser owner) on the way out. He is standing there, puzzled, wondering where his knobs went and mumbling something about how "the guy" won't want it without the knobs. Boo. Obviously this dresser had a new home. So I mentioned the recycling guy knob thief and went on my way. Don't worry, he chased down the recycling guy and got his knobs back. Weird. Anyway, so the next day the dresser hasn't moved. And the next and the next and on and on. A whole week later...I kid you not that dresser is just hanging city lawn furniture.

This is just a long drawn out story to tell you that I finally saw my neighbor again (he disappears for days at a time) and I finally said "ummmm, dude, is that guy not coming for that dresser". And he was all "yeah, he never showed up, you want it". And I was all "hellz yeah, I love free furniture". I got home from work that night and P had drug it inside for me right before a big rainstorm. Yay.

This thing is a beast. And it needs a paint job.

Seriously, ewww.

I've sanded it, but haven't gotten to the paint part. We are considering purple. Yes. Purple!

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