Friday, August 12, 2011

Quick DIY: Lap tables.

About five years ago, when we were still in college, P showed up at my newly moved into apartment with a gift. He picked up three of these small tables/stools from Target for my roomie and I to use as a flexible coffee table. They were great. You could pull one up to eat off of on taco/Grey's anatomy night, or they provided additional seating when the living room was packed and they looked all nice in the rare event that the room was cleaned and they were all nicely lined up next to each other.
They followed us up to Boston and have been serving us well for the past three years. But. They've seen better days. And I really want a nice long low coffee table that I know exists out there somewhere. So I decided that these should be re-purposed. Don't you hate how your lap practically catches fire when you are sitting in bed and working on the computer? I do.

So after seeing something similar somewhere I suggested we lop the legs off of these little tables and make them into lap tables.
Ok, the price sticker is still on there. Class all the way.

P graciously cut them down on his super cool table saw that I'm mildly afraid of. It's loud. We put some painters tape on the cut line the minimize splintering of the plywood.

And I was left with these cute little things. I love them, but they maybe don't quite so comfortably fit over P's legs. Whoops. I mean, they work, it's just a bit of a squeeze. :) I'm considering painting them, but just gave them a good cleaning for now. And removed those dumb price stickers.


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