Friday, August 12, 2011

Getting some privacy.

I finally got tired of feeling nervous that someone was going to be walking by our house at 7am at the exact moment I was coming down the stairs in my pj shorts and tshirt to go to the bathroom. So I went all crazy with privacy film.
I had actually tried to do our front doors a couple of weeks ago, but got frustrated with the process and didn't like the way the end result looked, so I pulled the film off.
So this was try #2.
Our previous privacy situation looked something like this. We really like to class it up around here.

So after a thorough scrubbing I started applying the film. One.


Three. This last one was aw-ful. I was doing it by myself, and that may not look like a big window...but it kind of is. There may have been some wrestling involved, and there may or may not be some air bubbles/dirt that got under that one. I don't really want to talk about it.

So there you go. I also redid the doors. I failed to get a good straight pic of those, but here they are in the background. Porkchop approves. I have a weird plan for getting that building permit out of the window and classing it up a bit. Blue painters tape isn't very cute.

We are in full prep mode getting things set up for a floor refinishing guy to come on Monday. I am so so so excited about this I can not even tell you. Cross your fingers that we get everything done before then and that he is able to stain the floors the color we are hoping! Eeeeeek!

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