Friday, July 2, 2010

Pipe Dream of the Week

One of my favorite "time wasting" activities is perusing New England real estate listings and imagining what it would be like to own one of these properties as a vacation home. Yes, I do realize I have neither the money or time for this, and yes, I do realize this is crazy. But, I enjoy doing it so I thought I would start sharing some of my favorites. Most of the places I look at I have never been, and usually never heard of. That being said, I give you....

Fitzwilliam, NH

Fitzwilliam looks like an interesting little town about 2 hours Northwest of Boston. It's history includes farming and the granite industry. A clip taken from a brochure put out by the Fitzwilliam Tavern early in the last century states, "Fitzwilliam lies in the southwestern corner of New Hampshire, 72 miles from Boston, on the Fitchburg Division of the Boston & Maine Railroad. It is a typical New England village, one mile and a quarter from the railroad station; no industry mars the quiet of the scene and no mill or factory draws an objectionable local population.
At 1200 feet, the village is one of the highest in the state, according to the Unites States' survey. Situated in the hill country of New Hampshire, within five miles of Mt. Monadnock, the air is clean and dry, malaria is unknown, and even in the hottest day there is a breeze."
I'm sold, doesn't that sound great? From what I can tell Fitzwilliam seems like a place where a very quiet and peaceful vacation home with acreage could be purchased for a pretty low price. The Historic Fitzwilliam webpage claims that more people are purchasing summer homes there, so who knows, maybe one day it will be a more popular vacation destination.

Currently you can purchase the following in Fitzwilliam for under $100,000.

A 3 bed 2 bath colonial on 2 acres. The 2 car garage is screaming, "Make cool things inside me and store your early '90s Ford pickup truck safely from the snow".

LOVE this sunroom. Picture me and the boys lounging on a Sunday morning.

Fireplace=this is not just a summer vacation home.

These floors. Love these floors.

Or maybe a 2 bed 2 bath log cabin on 10 acres? I don't know about that house...but 10 acres? Yes please! The listing says the house includes a log spiral staircase to the unfinished level below. WHY you would not include a picture of this, I do not know. I need to know what this would look like.

Ok, who wants to buy me a vacation home?

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