Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The indecisive architects strike again.

Ok, so during this "down time" while waiting on our permit we have been working through some new designs for the upstairs. For a while now we have been set on the layout on the left below. This involved using the front (street side) bedroom as the "master" and making the ridiulously small room my super awesome walk-in girly dressing room closet. In the hallway there would be a small built in shelving unit to house linens etc. and the back bedroom would be our office/guestroom. This all sounded great (mostly the closet), but some things were still bothering me. First, there happens to be a street lamp right outside on of the windows. I had mostly convinced myself that this would be ok, that we could purchase some of those awesome shades that block the light....maybe even put them on timers so that they would raise in the AM and let the sun in. The thing that I think really started to deter me was the fact that the bedroom would be on the public side of the house. Once summer heat and I started realizing that our windows would probably live open for three months of the year the idea of waking up to construction/small children/neigbor noise didn't sound so great. The noise difference in the front and back really is huge for such a small house...and I guess I just realized that...maybe that is why they tell you to live in a house for at least 6 months before renovating? Good thing this is taking so long. :) Anyway, so the image on the right is what we are thinking now. Since we have to move out of the apartment...why not just gut it all. Right? RIGHT? Oh lord...we are crazy. Anyway, so as you can more dressing room for K. It's alright, the princess will survive. The plan is to use the back bedroom with a wall length wardrobe style closet (sliding or regular doors TBD). We will open up the front two rooms to become the guest/office/library. Obviously the bathrooms are different in each of the plans below (keep reading). Thoughts? Is it worth the change for my privacy/night time darkness?

Some sweet little basic renderings of what the front room would look like in each scheme (corresponding with the plans above). (The closet in the rendering on the right is actually shown a little larger than it would be in real life, blame P)

Ok, so that brings us to the bathroom (the thorn in my side). Why is it such a pain? Because I want EVERYTHING in my bathroom...and it is small. Ok, not "Manhattan, must bend body at an awkward angle to get to the toilet because the sink is in the way small", but just shy of large enough to fit all the luxurious bathroom things that you see in architectural/renovation magazines and blogs these days. Solution? Try and squeeze it in. P was nice enough to churn out a bunch of bathroom options below. Some might work, some are ridiculous, we decided to share all of them because we are nice like that. :) Anyway, so the bathroom is keeping its current footprint as far as the size goes (9'6"x6'10"). It's the layout we are struggling with. My general feelings about these layouts:
Option A: This is approximately how the layout has been for a couple of months now. My problem with it is the sink placement...we originally had them both squished across from the toilet on a small vanity. Then we realized, that they were way too close together! (30" center to center is necessary, I guess, whatever) So, now it bothers me that they don't really line up. The area to the right end of the tub would be wall I can clutter it up and drive P crazy. Open shower, glass partition.
Option B: I generally think this one could work. I do have weird feeligns about showering next to the toilet (I don't know why) and so close to the window (obviously we are going to have to have shutters or a screen of some sort). Glass partition at end of tub. Open shower.

Option C: Just like option B, but shown with a clawfoot tub. I like the idea of a clawfoot still, but ours it shit. Our bosses offered their clawfoot from their Cape house they are renovating, that was a while ago, so I don't even know if the offer is still good.
Option D: Awkward. Repeat all comments above about showering near window, plus add in that this would require major waterproofing efforts around the window (which we will probably do anyway), but having so much water hit the sill seems like asking for trouble (the sill is 2'4" above the floor). Does that make sense?
Option E: Why not just do option B? It makes more sense.
Option F: I dislike greatly, feel free to convince me otherwise if you see potential in the layout.
Option G: That would be one stinking big shower (although all of the showers are open thus I guess they all would feel big). The sinks are too close together, so I don't think this will work.
Option H: This could work, but I am not crazy about the layout.
Option I: This one I really like. Obviously the shower and tub become a combo. Problem: how does the door work? We have always talked about maximizing space with a pocket door, but you can't put one in a wall with plumbing or electrical. Maybe we could double the thickness of the wall behind the tub and that would work?
Option J: Simplified, keeping all the plumbing on one wall. Sinks too close together, looks cramped, shower water hitting the window...dislike.

Well, there you have it. My thoughts. What are your thoughts? Help?!?

Fyi: If you click on the link in Option A you can pretty much see the material pallate if that helps with the visualization. Same floor tile, white wall subway tile, same sinks, faucets, glass. Yeah.

ps. Appologies if the sizing looks off on any of these. I had to scale and had some "issues" with it. I promise the bathroom is the same size in all of them.


  1. I vote for option J. The idea of two sinks is old fashioned and weird. Just do one big sexy sink + mirror.

  2. I agree with Maria on the bathroom, save some space by making it one larger sink.

    As far as the plans, if you want the front room with the closet go for it! I live on the 2nd floor at the front of the house - I have the same issues your dealing with and it's really not that bad (street lamp and kids cause we keep our windows open alot too) Luvs, Jen Hamner

  3. How about option B but flip the tub and shower?

    I vote to keep the princess closet!!

  4. Thanks for the comments guys!