Monday, July 19, 2010

Wonderful weekend

This weekend ended up being full of everything but working on the house. We didn't mean for it to be. It just kind of happened. After Saturday was spent doing grown-up things like laundry, cleaning and bathing stinky puppies we decided to spend the rest of the weekend having some fun. Saturday night was spent celebrating a good friend's birthday here and here. Hungry Mother is seriously my absolute favorite place to eat here. Any special occasion...I want to go. Good friends, good drinks, good food, great night.

On Sunday P took me to see a very cheesy movie that we have sort of been putting off seeing for a while. I spent a small chunk of my "extended unemployment" time curled up reading these books...and yeah, I loved them. I'll admit it. So now I feel that it is necessary to watch each movie on the large screen to complete the circle...even if the acting is bad...even if they leave really cool parts out...even if I can't stand to watch dumb KStew for another second.
Anyway, after our Sunday morning 6 dollar movie (best deal in Boston...just go before noon) we strolled through the park and watched flag football and the cutest little Chihuahua ever.
Then we went to a great little pizza place that a co-worker recommended called Figs. Yummy.
Strolled down Charles Street until we found a store I have been wanted to visit ever since I noticed it featured on Apartment Therapy. We found it and I loved it! Busy got a present from there (see below) and we got a cute little salt jar for our kitchen that does not exist. Seriously, loved this place. Like, want to buy all future presents for people there. Loved, loved, loved. Already have a couple of things I want to go back for...maybe I will check out the Cambridge location if the hipsters will let me come hang out up there.
P spotted this super awesome hippo shaped scupper on the walk back to the South End. So cool! That is a scupper right? I was a bad architecture student...that's what he called it.
As promised...Busy with his new toy!!!! I have been wanting to get this for forever, picturing how adorable he would be in a picture holding his little mustache. Yeah, I was wrong. That dog will not hold still for cute toy in mouth pics...I mean look how wiggly he is with me still holding the thing. Darn. Why can't this precious pooch come train my dogs? :) Hope that link works...because she is BEYOND adorable.

On the agenda for next weekend...actual house work. Yikes!

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  1. ok so I seriously busted out laughing when I clicked that link. I think I was expecting some model dog to be holding the mustache all nice and steady or something - definitely not Gracie and her cheeseburger (which she has hardly put down since Joey's mom gave it to her right before that picture) Joey and I were reminiscing today about how fun it was to have you and P in town visiting. We must do that again soon! Maybe our house won't look like a old abandoned shack by then. Can't wait for more posts from yall!!! love every one of them! (sorry for the freakishly long comment that probably should have just been an email...)