Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Behind the Scenes...and Bedbugs

There has been a lot more going on around here behind the scenes than actual work getting done. This has included harassing the building permit office and scouring Craigslist for a temporary rental that is 1. cheap 2. close 3. allows dogs over the size of a small rodent. A small step was taken when we finally got the building inspector in our house to "confirm occupancy"...sometimes I don't even want to know why they have to do the things they do. I wasn't present for this visit, but P tells me it consisted of building inspector entering our house, walking down to the basement, looking at the power meter and then saying "yup, looks good". Ummmm, ok, so our permit has been in limbo waiting for that?!? Thanks again Boston. As far as the rental search goes...not so much luck. The closest we have come to finding a place was after a visit to a....ummmm...well....vintage apartment. That....well...smelled like an Indian restaurant. The best part?, we were totally ready to take it. Yeah, we are that desperate. I googled "how to remove curry smell from apartment" and had geared myself up to go to town on the place. That is until we realized there was a slight communication with the listing and that unless our two dogs were actually only cats then we would not be welcome. Awesome. Two separate buttons for cats and dogs on Craigslist my friends...only push the appropriate one please. The search continues.

In the middle of the struggle to get this party started around here we decided to take a super last minute trip down to NYC for a friend's birthday. Yay! We were barely there for 24 hours, but had so much fun. I guess sitting around this place all the time has really turned us into lazy old fogies, cause we were exhausted! I mean wiped out. Can't keep up with those New Yorkers.
Hello NYC!
That's right...we dragged our friends to Times Square (or rather made them drag us)
Went to check out this restaurant designed by Sebastian Mariscal
Street art outside brunch
No takers? Anyone?
A trip to Green Village in Brooklyn, found via Manhattan Nest. Can you spot the monkey? Sadly we were not as lucky as Daniel. Seriously people, stacked TO THE CEILING with stuff.
Want some crazy art?
Ok, that was intense. I itch, why do I itch? Am I going to get bedbugs?
From what I could tell there might be some cool stores/cafe's behind this corten screen.

Bye bye NYC!

I hope next time we get to stay for even longer and see even more long lost friends!

ps. I bet ya thought we had bedbugs from that title? Didn't ya? Nope, we managed to escape good old NYC without any...although a friend tells me they will be taking over the world soon, so we better all watch out! Ugh, itching just thinking about them. Yuck.

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