Monday, August 9, 2010

P the Destroyer

Given that P has asked me twice today when I am going to post the pics from this weekend, I would say he is excited about what he did. Late Sunday afternoon, after skunkfest 2010 was coming to a close, I nonchalantly remarked that we could probably go ahead and take out the front "screen" door...since we were planning on doing it anyway. I kid you not, P stood up and said "ok, let me just get my crowbar". I think he really likes tearing stuff down? So there you have it, at 5 pm Sunday evening we set about opening up our entry "vestibule". I helped a little, but mostly stayed inside scraping away at the remaining stretch of some awful, nasty, yucky paper backing that was under the linoleum in the hallway. I'm not even close to being finished, so pics on that will come later.
One last glamour shot of that sweet storm door.
Porky hangs his head in shame. "I'm sowwy for gettin' skunked dad".

Storm door off, window taken down, trim removed.
RG&CS 4-eva.
Bam! Done! Well, done taking it apart. Now we need to replace the subfloor, sand, patch, replace trim, paint, install new entry doors...just for starters. There is clearly, much, much more work to be done.
The pups like it.

Apparently the front door was not enough...another offhanded comment and more rotting wood was pulled off the house. Works for me...bye bye yucky wood.


  1. ok the face in the window totally creeped us out! and Joey said "hey! we have that ladder!!" way to go Home Depot!

    the vestibule looks good - are yall keeping the 2 door situation? or having one recessed door? either way it looks good :)

    thanks for your input on our door as well... I actually painted it turquoise this afternoon. I just think the green was too much.

  2. i didn't even notice that i chose the pic with my face in the window! i was trying to be creepy and it. looks. like. i. succeeded.

    i know, i thought that was so funny when you wrote about the ladder...cause my dad went and got ours during his last visit! boys and home depot....

    yay! i can't wait to see it!