Tuesday, August 17, 2010

An Entry Mock-up.

Hello there! After a very long weekend spent trying to take advantage of the state tax holiday and going on long day trips I decided that I wanted to fake some house progress. Behold...entry doors! We got home Sunday night, took the cooped up pups on a walk and as usual spent the whole walk commenting on various entries around the 'hood. So, after the walk I decided I wanted to prop the doors in our newly hacked up vestibule. Here it is! The original plan was to replace the glass in the doors with a taller, tempered glass pieces (extending up to the top recess) and to build a transom above the door. After looking at it we are thinking it looks pretty nice the way it is. I think keeping the smaller glass cutouts on the doors will be more true to the scale of our little dog house. The doors will still be refinished, stained, get new hardware and new tempered glass. The vestibule will get sanded, patched and painted. So it will all get shined up quite a bit. Tons more work to do, but it is fun seeing the mock-up! What do y'all think? Anyone?


  1. Is your place really, I am having a boy baby blue? or is it just the flash that's making it look like that? The doors look very proportionate to the house!

  2. It really is. The color should be called "It's a boy!". I can't wait to change it...can't wait.

  3. The entry doors are awesome. You guys have expended enormous elbow grease on the renovation and your hard work is evident. I'm impressed. Will look forward to continuing updates and photos.
    Love from Papa