Monday, August 16, 2010

Well Hello There.

Looky looky what we got to hang in our window! Yes, that is the official "building permit" for our little dog house. Isn't she sweet? What will we do now? Oh, well, not too much unfortunately. The move out date is still set for mid-September. So until then small projects it is. We do have some plans...refinish entry doors...hang entry as much demo as we can stand while still living in the house (my threshold and P's differs greatly)...replace window trim...etc. So yeah, we will still be busy, but this little puppy is getting hung in it's official spot in our front window ASAP.

ps. I really really need to work on formating...this blog is all over the place. Sometimes the text gets all wonky and I don't know why. Hate. I think my fav little southern renovator might be right Wordpress>Blogger? Ugh, I will work on it later.


  1. Your link to eleven 02, wow they have done some work on that place as well!

  2. I know! Doesn't their place look awesome? I wish they lived closer to me so they could help with our house. :)