Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Things I Wish I had Said

Dear Lady with the obnoxious Whippet,

Public parks are not the place to let your dog run free, especially when you can't control it, that is what dog parks are for. We were enjoying a relaxing lunch in the grass (100 feet from an actual dog park) before you came along. Yes, I do know Whippets are fast, that doesn't mean I want to watch yours run circles around me and my dogs. No, I do not care that she is "just trying to play with them". No, I do not want to wait until you can "get hold of her". Go. Away. Thank you for making such a strong effort to reel in your mangy beast before my relaxing lunch was completely ruined, how thoughtful of you. Next time I can only hope that I will still have part of my lunch to fend for rather than the sandwich wrapper I had to snatch away as your dog began to tear it to pieces. I will be forever grateful for the passive aggressive advice you gave as you sauntered away...maybe one day I will "let my dogs have a good run so that maybe they can lose some weight". For now, lets just agree that perhaps you should go on a run WITH your dog so that maybe YOU can lose some weight and your dog will not need to resort to harassing Innocent bystanders and I will continue to SIT in the park and have lunch. Ok?



Seriously, where do these people come from? Entitlement much?

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