Friday, March 11, 2011

Blue Dog, Blue Board.

Ok, I am apparently having a massive fit of incompetence...cause I can not get that picture of Porky to rotate in the right direction. And I'm too tired to mess with it anymore. But there you have it. Blue dog. Blue board. Did anyone know his name was Blue when we adopted him? Well it was.

The "boarders" showed up bright and early Monday morning and threw the board up in one day. Literally. Threw. Those guys are craaaazy strong. P and I may or may not have been toppled over by a stack of blue board over the weekend, but these guys carried it around like nothing. Crazy.
Downstairs, living room looking into kitchen.

Blue board meeting stair.

Upstairs, front bedroom. Check out that sweet slanty closet.

Stair Detail. The wood cracked when the structural work was done. I kind of love it. I'm sure P hates it. So picky. :)

Oh, and I so want some of those drywall stilts for my next birthday. Anyone else think those things are super cool?

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