Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Upholstery Class #6

I somehow managed to only get three pictures from last class. So lame. But then I was looking at them, and it appears that maybe I only got three pictures because I barely accomplished anything. Awesome.
What I did manage to do is pad the arms. To do this you cut two pieces of cotton. Put the first on the inner arm as seen below, tuck in and staple to attach. Then you cut a larger piece to go from the outer arm all the way to cover the first piece and tuck in again. Staple staple staple.

Now you have two furry cotton arms.

Then you cut two pieces of 1" foam to cover the arms just like the second sheet of cotton...except it overhangs 1 or 2" on front, back side and bottom. Staple the side first, then tuck in the bottom and staple the front down.

You know what? Now that I think about it...I totally put muslin over the foam too. And sanded the legs a little. So I'm not totally worthless. I'll get a picture of that in class #7. Class #7! It's not looking good for finishing by class #10. Booooo. But, on the bright side, the teacher did say that I NEED to bring fabric for class #7.
So I bought some.
I will give you a hint what it looks like...pickles.

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