Friday, March 11, 2011

Oooooooohh Ahhhhhhhhhh.

No, this picture wasn't taken when it was raining outside. That's condensation on the inside of the window! Because the brand new plaster on our walls is radiating heat and it refuses to warm up outside in Boston. But that's another story. This post is all. about. the. plaster.

Everyone was right. A skim coat of plaster over blue board really does look better than drywall. At first I was all "whatever, silly peeps, a wall's a wall". And when people would scoff and say things like "drywall? that's only for commercial buildings", I would roll my eyes at how silly they were. And while I still think they are silly, I totally see what all the stink is about. It's biuuuuuuutifullllll. (That's beautiful for those of you who can't read my crazy talk).

Smooth and shiny.

Before the board and plaster went in we were thinking we had gone totally overboard on the recessed light action downstairs. But now I think it looks just right.

Future home for three pendant lights hanging over the kitchen island. (And by future, I mean tomorrow! The lights go in tomorrow, not the island, unfortunately).

Curved transition. On Monday the boarders were all like "you want a curve there???" and I was like, "ummm, yeah, yeah I do, biatch". No, I didn't really say that.

Back bedroom.

Future bathroom vanity location. Whenever it finally gets built...

Bay window.

And downstairs. Again. Hmmmmm, are those entry doors I see on those saw horses??? Man, I'm getting really good at this foreshadowing thing.

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