Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Packing Peanut.

Last time I gloated, our basement flooded. So I'm not going to do that again. I will just say that as of last Thursday, my house reminded me of a packing peanut. And that I like it. And that it feels warmer.

We went with Icynene spray foam insulation (installed by Anderson Insulation who I would highly recommend for anyone in the Boston area) because it not only insulates, but also seals any air leakage. During the process of getting quotes for the job we actually got prices for fiberglass, foam and blown in cellulose. We knew we wanted to go with foam or cellulose based on the sealing quality mentioned above, but we wanted the price of typical fiberglass for comparison. To our surprise the foam was not that much more expensive than the fiberglass, and actually cheaper than the cellulose. And since we were still a little worried about how the cellulose might settle in the walls once it dried (it's blown in wet and takes a pretty significant period of time to completely dry) we decided the foam was the way to go. Did I mention I love it? Not gloating though!

The consistency is really just like a packing peanut.

Please observe the crazy HUGE stacks of blueboard. Is it foreshadowing if this post is almost a week late?

We also had the ceiling between the first and second floor insulated for sound proofing. We thought they would use the normal fiberglass, you know, the pink stuff, but they brought this stuff called Ecobatt that I know nothing about, but looked pretty cool (see below).

Starting to look more like a real house. No?

Possibly my favorite part was walking in to the shock of seeing these things downstairs. Apparently they bag up these huge bags of the foam that they scrape off the walls. It was like a Flaming Lips concert in my living room. They came and picked up the marshmellow bags two days later, so my fun was short lived, I think they somehow reuse the foam...I think. Possibly as packing peanuts. :)


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