Friday, March 18, 2011

Upholstery Class #7

So this is where I left off at the end of class #6. Stuffed and squishy.

Everything stapled down tight.

After waiting until the complete last minute (of course), I finally picked out a fabric. I'll be honest. I'm not completely sold. Here's how it went down. I wanted velvet. I don't know why, I just did. But I wanted navy velvet. Probably because I adore this couch (third pic down). Yes, I know that is a totally different style than my chair, but I love it. Maybe I will just recover this chair in the perfect navy velvet and we can have a velvet party at the Dog House? Who's in?
Ok. Back to the point. I didn't find a navy velvet in person, that I could touch, to make sure it was the perfect softness and awesomeness. What I did find was one grey velvet of perfect softness and one green velvet that we thought was both fun and classic at the same time. So I did what any normal indecisive person would do. I took a vote. Friends, family and P all voted for what I am now lovingly calling either "the pickle fabric" or "the christmas fabric". Meanwhile, in my head I'm thinking, "but grey, that's super neutral. yeah. neutral is good. grey is safe. yeah. let's do grey. oh, but i do like the pickle green. there is something really fun and nice about the pickle green. ahhhhhhhh. i can't decide.".
Life is good when your main struggle at the moment is a fabric choice.
So, I set off to the fabric store, still going back and forth in my head. I arrived at the fabric store (in the middle of NOWHERE, no, just kidding, it's in Lynn, MA, same thing) with, no joke, like 10 minutes before they closed. Awesome. Did I mention I'm also wearing an amazingly dirty little outfit from working on the house all day? Awesome. Oh, I'm getting off topic again. Ok, fabric. So, I rush back to velvet land, where alllll types of velvet live, except the perfect navy velvet, but I'm not dwelling. Long story short. I close the place down while I stand in the back of Zimman's staring at my two selections...while a very patient salesman stares at me. In the end, it was a gut decision. I went outside of my comfort zone and went with crazy Christmastime. I'm not all that happy with my gut today, but we will see.
So, after all that rambling. Here it is.

Pickles and Christmas. Hmmmm. Is it weird that that kind of makes me hungry?

Class #7 essentially consisted with cutting into the pickle fabric and heading into the sewing area where I proceeded to have a wresting match with an ancient sewing machine. It won.
I switched to a newer machine, and I won. I sewed (most of) this bottom piece. And, as is becoming tradition, didn't get a final picture of it all stuffed and stapled down. But it is, stuffed and stapled down.

Mmmmmm. Christmas.

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