Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Thanks to our new camera, I've got a handful of progress pics to share. Over the past two weekends all of the rough in electrical work was completed (sadly none of it is connected, so we are still running on two outlets, shop lights and pipe dreams) and I just found out that the inspection will be this Friday! On the plumbing front things have been, well, a little slower. Let's just say that once this project is finished I will be recommending this plumber to no one. No one. In fact, I'm sure I will encourage people not to use him. A story for another day, maybe.

Anyway, on to more positive things. The strapping/furring of the whole house for the drywall is now complete. Thank you old house and old studs none of which line up or are the same size or go straight up and down. Super. It's what we get for buying a house built in the 1880s that is partially held together by sticks and spit. Mmmmmm. Oooops, getting negative again. Strapping/furring and fire blocking done!...pretty much. Electrical rough in done. Plumbing, getting there. Our plan is to have all inspections done by the end of next week.

Check. It. Out.

I will attempt to put together more detailed separate posts for the electrical, plumbing and some of the other work we've been doing later.

Busy, as usual, sits perched at the top of the stairs disapproving of night time renovating, cold weather, diesel powered heating and compressors.

But he will come downstairs for snuggling if he notices that you've put down the nail gun and moved away from the heater for long enough.

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