Monday, February 14, 2011

Upholstery Class #3

Springs! After a week off of class due to snow storm #4529 this winter, I spent session #3 of upholstery class attaching the new seat springs. Weather must be warming up, because this is the first week I think that all of the class members showed up. Packed house. The poor instructor was running in circles for the whole three hours, luckily he was able to explain each step and then I could work on it as he made the rounds to other students and then I would be ready for the next step by the time he returned. Not too much standing there looking confused, so that was good.

Step 1: Space the six springs out equally on the bottom webbing, making sure that they are not close enough to touch each other.

Step 2: Use “the clincher” to staple down the springs. (I tried to find a picture of this online and only managed to possibly open a site with a potential virus...but I think this is what he called it)

Step 3: Hammer in tacks in sets of 2, one set to line up with each row of springs and then another set to be in between the rows for the diagonal bracing. Repeat for the front, back and both sides. (Confusing? You will see what I mean)

Step 4: Cut one piece of Italian Ruby Twine to a specific measured length (this will differ for the chair you are working on) for each nail set along the back and one side. Loop the twine over the tacks like Mickey Mouse ears.

Step 5: Starting from the back, tie down the three rows of springs. This involves a method of looping over the correct part of each spring and tying a knot and then pulling the springs tight tight tight. I couldn't even pull them tight enough. Teach had to do it for me. I'm a wuss. Once they are tight you spiral the twine towards the back and knot it again.

Step 6: Repeat the same thing going from side to side, only this time you don't have to pull the springs tight, because they already are.

Step 7: Repeat the same thing with those middle strings, this time going across the diagonals.

Step 8: Knot down all the loose strings. Then pull some cotton off of your huge roll of cotton that teach told you was required and stuff chunks of it under the last coil of each spring. This is one of those “insider tips” from the teach, it is supposed to stop the drum sound that springs can sometimes make each time you sit down. I like insider tips.

There you have it! A poorly explained step by step of class numero tres. Something tells me my future isn't in “how-to books”?

Still fabric shopping. Made a visit to IKEA over the weekend and wasn't all that thrilled with the fabric selection there, so I'll keep hunting. Can't wait until class #4!

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