Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Upholstery Class #4

Week #4 left me feeling a little slow and unproductive. I'm hoping that it's just the waiting part that comes after I've finished a task and the teacher hasn't made it back to me yet...and not actually that I'm a slow poke.

I covered the inside back, sides and seat springs with burlap.

Next I stuffed the arms with cotton. I thought I had done it right and the teacher came over and laughed. Apparently you are supposed to really stuff it. I only had 1/4 of what was necessary. He said you want to stuff it until it's hard, this provides the base for the arm so that you never feel the wood when you rest your arm on the arm rest.

So then I really stuffed it. And stapled it down.

Finally I got to whip out the muslin and have my first turn on the sewing machine. The teacher did the first couple of passes and made it look sooooo easy. Then I got on the machine...and looked like a complete dummy. But, I finished it, without breaking the machine. Did I mention that this wasn't even my first time sewing? Total dummy. I think I need some practice.
Once the muslin cover is sewed you put it in place over the seat and whip stitch it down through the coils. Whip stitch? I think that's the right term. You use curved needles.

So I didn't finish stitching it down. Here's hoping tonight's class will be more productive!

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