Friday, February 25, 2011

Upholstery Class #5

Warning, photo overload.
I'm trying to document this all step by step as best I can. You know, so I can hopefully do it again one day and stuff. But there is soooo many steps. Hence the photo overload.
Fold the burlap over the arm, so it's not hanging out all scraggly.

Ooooops. Backtrack a bit. After a closer inspection the teacher has decided that the front roll is too low. It should be almost even with the highest part of the springs. Take it off and cut a strip of wood to nail underneath it.

Also, staple a piece of burlap over remaining holes along the side of the back. (Burlap is typically used so that cotton stays in place.)

Ok, now nail the wood strip and roll back in place and make a side roll for each side out of burlap and cotton. This creates a trough with the front and side rolls creating three sides and the springs creating the back side. Then stuff the trough with cotton so that it is flat from the front roll back to the springs.


Then stuff the sides around the seat springs with cotton until the seat is flat.

The put two layers off cotton overlapping each other across the front and wrapping around the sides. Then pull the muslin, that is whip stitched to the seat, down tight and smooth and temporarily tack it in place across the front. This part has to be pretty, padded and smooth, because it is a visible section of the re-upholstery.

Cut a piece of 1" foam so that it overlaps under the sides and back by 1" on each side, then cover the whole seat with cotton. (Obviously missed a pic of this step) Then snip the muslin around the rails of the arms and pull it down through the back and sides, tight. Temporarily tack in place on the back first, then the sides.

Temporary tacks all around the sides.

And the back.

Then you go back to the front and remove the tacks. Pull everything down starting at the center, smooth and tight, and staple underneath. As I mentioned, the front part is visible, so the staples go underneath and the muslin is snipped and folded under neatly around each leg. Next, move to the back and pull the muslin tight and staple across the back, moving from the center to the sides. Staple the muslin in a straight line down from each arm stile, from this point back is not visible, so there is no cotton and the staples exist on the side and not underneath. Confused yet? I think I'm confusing myself.
ps. Who wants to buy me one of those sweet staple guns?

Squishy, smooth and pretty.

So I'm officially halfway through the class. Did I mention he told me I probably wouldn't finish it all in one session? And that I'm determined to come as close as possible? Must. Move. Faster!


  1. It's looking GREAT Keely!!! soo impressed! you are going to teach us right?!

  2. This is awesome! The much needed inspiration to tackle some of the scary furniture in our house. :) I can't wait to see what your chair looks like when you're done.
    Hope you guys are doing well.

  3. Thanks guys!

    Sure Jen, I'll teach you! Although, I have a feeling it would be a lot of "ummmmm, oh wait, we missed a step!". :)