Wednesday, February 23, 2011

No More Ducking.

I decided to break up our renovation fun from the long weekend into three posts...mostly because it was a relatively productive weekend for us lazy bums and I didn't want to jam all that into one post. We were able to accomplish most of the big ticket items on our list in preparation for our framing inspection next Monday. Yikes! I'll admit it, I'm a little nervous.
First up was the re-framing of the ceiling slope over the stairs. When we had the downstairs wall removed we opted to move the head height at the base of the stair back one joist bay. This allows P to walk down the stairs without ducking at the end...a true luxury.
After much debate and planning we decided that we wanted the plaster to transition from the vertical into the slant through a curve. Simple enough, right? Surrrrre.
The first step was to cut the flooring back to the joist that is now reinforced with a triple LVL beam. Check out that face of determination.

The next step is to forget to take any more pictures. Am I the only one that is tired of us doing that? In our defense, we were very busy "debating" the best way to go about this.

The final solution involved cutting the curve out of the wood using a jig saw and then terminating the angled pieces into the base plate of a wall.

The combination of moving the head height of the stair back and combining the front two rooms into one mega room created a bit of a problem at the corner. As in, check out that huge sloped thing in the corner. No big deal, we thought, we will make it a closet. P always pictured it as a built in piece of furniture type closet, but I always thought It'd be better to build an actual closet to be dry walled. You know, so there wouldn't be a big plaster triangle just hanging out in the corner. Although, I will admit, I had a few short daydreams about sliding down that my spare time or whatever. Um, anyway, we decided building the wall would give the funky triangle a good termination point, so that's what we did. Doors will be added to the front later and P has some ideas about filling the negative space of the triangle in with some custom drawers. Works for me.

Right now it's a toss up between built in desk in the corner or a cozy little reading nook where I can spy on my neighbors. I'm leaning towards the creeper reading nook.

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