Thursday, February 24, 2011

Kitchen Windows.

Months ago P's family came in town to give us a much much needed hand on the house. I seem to remember his brother saying something along the lines of, "that tar paper will be ok for about a week, but put in the windows as soon as you can", but my memory is not great, so I can't be sure. Well, if he did say that, whoopsies! What month is it? Oh, right, February. Almost March. We are real winners.
But look, we installed the windows!

After an iphone internet search to roughly figure out what we were doing we cut the tar paper in an upside down martini glass shape.

Folded the bottom in first and then the sides and secured everything with flashing tape. Then we secured a board on the outside so that the windows could be set into place and shimmed without falling.

We opted to use the existing crummy windows again, which do not have one of those handy nailing strips around the outside. So we had to build each window into a 1x6 frame that would sit in the rough openings as a whole unit.

Then everything was leveled and shimmed. Tight. Possibly too tight. We are trying to determine if the windows will be easy enough to open over a counter top. So they are probably 90% installed. Not a complete success, but they are in. We cut a continuous sill out of Aztek board that extends the length of both windows on the outside. I will try to add an updated picture of that later once everything is flashed and caulked...which might be tomorrow since the weather forecast says 100% chance of rain tomorrow. Yuck.

Can I tell you how much better this is to look at than tar paper? It's better.

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